• Light Portal – Meditative Pathway to Higher Spiritual Consciousness
  • We must go beyond the constant clamor of ego
  • Keep Stillness Inside of You

What Is Light Portal™?


Light Portal™ is a patented (US# 8337385) non- invasive 21st Century relaxation technology that combines the light color spectrum and sound to create an environment within a portal that encourages a relaxed state of being.

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The Light Portal™ Experience


So What Happens when I visit Light Portal™ Technologies? As Light Portal™ is a relaxation experience, we encourage you to wear clothing that is not tight or restrictive. Also beginning the day prior to your session, you should drink enough…

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Meditation and Spirituality


The Light Portal™ provides an ideal environment for the meditation experience. The portal’s enclosed space supplemented with music and light encourages the body and soul into an enhanced state of relaxation…

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Our Own Reality Program


We all own our own Reality Program and each one of our Reality Programs could win an Oscar. Reality is often more interesting and compelling than fiction….
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Benefits of Relaxation


Sleep. At the end of the day we sleep. The body is tired and in need of rejuvenation. Our eyes close in need, and we sleep. During sleep the body recharges…
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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We’d be happy to answer them and provide more information about Light Field™.

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