What do I need to do prior to my Light Portal™ session?

First we ask you to please download and complete the Client Consent and Information form you can find on this web site. You also need to drink plenty of water beginning a few days prior to your session. It is important you remain well hydrated before and after your Light Portal™ experience. A gallon of water throughout each day is recommended. At the same time, of course, please maintain normal electrolyte and nutrient levels.

As the Light Portal™ session is relaxation therapy, we recommend you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that is not restrictive.

Is there a session protocol?

The standard protocol takes place over a three day period. On day one there is a one hour session. On day two there are two one hour sessions, four hours apart. On the third day there is a one hour session.

Are the Light Portal™ sessions covered by insurance or Medicare?

Not at this time.

I am claustrophobic, is that a problem?

We have clients who have claustrophobic tendencies and they have no problem. If necessary a door can be left slightly ajar, and if you do have an issue the door is easily opened with the touch of your hand.