The Light Portal™ Experience

ANS-therapySo What Happens when I visit Light Portal™ Technologies? As Light Portal™ is a relaxation experience, we encourage you to wear clothing that is not tight or restrictive. Also beginning the day prior to your session, you should drink enough water to ensure you are well hydrated. Discontinue drinking any liquid two hours prior to your session.

You will spend a few minutes with the Center Facilitator who will guide you through the Light Portal™ Experience. The Facilitator will answer any questions you may have about Light Portal™ Technologies.

You will then enter the Light Portal™. You will find it to be very roomy and seldom are there any issues with those who tend to be claustrophobic. The side from which you enter the portal has two doors that are easily opened with your hand. Once you are in the portal you will be laying on your back with your hands to your side.

As you look up you will see three light configurations. There will be one directly overhead, one in the middle of the portal and one above your feet. The lights will emit color from the color spectrum.

Throughout the Light Portal™ experience, you will hear music. The resonance and binaural beats in the music along with that of the light, encourage you into a state of deep relaxation.

During the experience you may go through varying levels of consciousness and may even go to sleep. Ideally, you will go into a meditative state. As the experience continues you will feel ever more relaxed and may have a sensation of feeling heavy and sinking into the mattress.

More often than not, at the end of the one hour session, clients are surprised the hour is over. You may feel disoriented for a few moments as you might when awakening so the Facilitator will encourage you to take your time before leaving the portal.